Letters to Our Sons - Madison 2014

My current city (Madison, WI) is often hailed as one of the most liberal cities in the country. It is also a very segregated city. A lot of people don't like to believe we have a race problem, because we are so very liberal, so very wonderful, but we do. Here are letters from seven mothers to their black sons, sharing… » 10/29/14 2:45pm 10/29/14 2:45pm

I'm breaking up with my boyfriend in half an hour. [Updated]

{Update: We were on the same page. When we sat down and I started talking, he was treating it really lightly (we both can be kinda fatalistic), but we both had been on the same page. He just didn't want to pull the trigger. I get it, but dammit dude, you could have saved me a lot of grief saying something yourself. We… » 9/28/14 1:37pm 9/28/14 1:37pm