What it really means to be pro-choice

I'm sitting across from my friend Jen who is wearing a shirt emblazoned with unicorns, rainbows, and the word feminism. We're eating breakfast, but really I'm just moving my food around my plate after having a visceral reaction to uncooked egg whites while attempting to get some of it into my system. Eating has been… »9/01/14 12:13am9/01/14 12:13am

How Can I Stay Safe While Traveling Alone?

Dear Lifehacker,
I'm planning on taking a trip by myself soon. I'm excited but also a little nervous, because I'll be completely on my own and especially after hearing about that woman who was killed while vacationing alone in Turkey. What do I need to know or do to make the best of my solo trip and stay safe? »2/14/13 10:00am2/14/13 10:00am

Patriarchal Inversion: Is Not Being Feminist The New 'I'm a Feminist'?

The TWRAs deride MRAs, but they sure as hell don't seem pro-woman. One of the most infuriating things about language is that it is so fucking ephemeral. As you are using it, its meaning is slipping queer. This constant change can mean a kind of arms race between words, words, words. The problem, then, is to know when… »7/18/14 1:37pm7/18/14 1:37pm